Briagolong Community House is Open

House pic RGB High Res

We are open until Friday afternoon then close for school holidays.  At this stage we intend to be open to the community for term 2 unless we are told otherwise.  Unfortunately we will not be running our usual classes and activities but will still be here to help with other issues you may have.  If you just want a cuppa and a chat please feel welcome to come and see us.  Our usual programme will resume as soon as possible.

*** When visiting the House please stay downstairs, call out, then I will come downstairs where we can talk while adhering to the Covid 19 social distancing rules.  Chairs have been placed carefully for people to sit and talk if needed.  Bookswap will operate before and after school holidays from the normal room.  Please make sure only one person enters the bookswap room at any one time.  Please wait in the main Community House space until the room is available for you to use.

Wednesdays during school holidays, the House will be closed as the Library will not be attending.  Don’t stress about late returns as you won’t be fined.

Starting this weekend our bookswap will be running out of the Briagolong Post Office & General Store. Jon and Sandra Knowles have kindly allowed us to use the shelving at the back right hand corner of their store for our bookswap area which allows all community members access to the service during these difficult times.

Stay safe and remember to smile at least 5 times every day.     Janene Rodda – Coordinator